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XPRESSO is ultra-good looking. He can – - with a single shot – -and a twist of lemon make evil doers do a back-flip in fear of what his ultra-caffeinated body will brew up! His weapon of choice – - A GIANT stir stick. He says you must “Xpress Yourself, Wake up and Smell the Cappuccino, Babe!”

Real Name – Bob Banger – 6’3”  
Hometown – Mobile, Alabama 
Bob is an amateur inventor, always trying to make the next big thing but misses it just after the next big thing comes out. He did however, invent Big Bang, the uber- brained “coffeebot” who disperses the power elixir to the CAFN8Rs and sounds the alarm when the CAFN8Rs have to power up and go fight evil. Bob turns into Xpresso when he starts spinning his Giant stir stick faster and faster until he morphs into Xpresso – Strong and Big – like his Gigantic stir stick sword.

CAFN8RX is the leader of the CAFN8RS. She is smart as a whip and can swallow tall lattes in a single gulp. Her slogan is “You WILL drink and You WILL like it!” Her goal is to recruit new CAFN8RS to fight evil, (especially Dr. Zzz) and save the world one bean…one leaf…one laugh at a time! CAFN8 and DOMN8!

Real Name – Dee Dee Scott – 5’9” Hometown – Campbell, CA 
She worked in human relations for a Fortune 100 company and then in a non-profit organization which empowered women to start their own businesses – as the leader of the CAFN8Rs, she is highly committed to ridding the world of injustice, evil and especially Dr. Zzz – Dee Dee has a secret and personal vendetta against him (to be revealed in the Adventures of CAFN8RX.)
JAVA DIVA  is the strong, cool and sassy super sidekick. “Be Hip Take a SIP” is her motto. Her secret weapon is her voice. Her high notes can break the sound barrier and blast Donald Trump’s hair into submission. Don’t mess with JD or you will be A Flat Minor!

Real Name – Shante’ Scatte’ – 5’8”  Hometown – Berkley, California
 Shante’ is a cross between Diana Ross and Foxy Brown. She works as an advocate for abused and abandoned children. She doesn’t take any guff and she loves to do Karaoke. She can sing and scat like nobody’s business Honey. Shante’ loves Chaka Khan and turns into a super hero when she starts singing “I’m Every Woman”.

DULCE NARINJA - Dulce means “Sweet”, but this Dulce is not just SWEET – - She is a Ninja warrior AND an ace markswoman. With one shot of her bazooka, she can bring down any foe, or evilness you can name and still be ready to enjoy afternoon tea and cucumber sandwiches with her friends. Orange you glad she’s on your side?

Real Name – Patti O’Patti – 5’5” 
Hometown – Ames, Iowa 
Patti works in a health food store and loves Anime and Cosplay – she is tinier in statue but goes to the bazooka firing range to fire her orangezooka – she is an ace sharpshooter has trained to become a ninja warrior expert. With one blast from her orangezooka, she can bring down any foe, building or obstacle you can name and still be ready to enjoy afternoon tea and cucumber sandwiches with her friends.

LAVA JOE  hails from Hawaii. He is a masterful surfer and hangs with the best of them. His surfboard turns into a very sturdable (cross between sturdy and durable) magnetic shield and his orange and black wetsuit is thermodynamic which allows him to melt or freeze anything that gets in his wave!

Real Name – Dude – 5’11” 
Hometown  Kahaluu, Oahu 
Dude is laid back. He hails from Hawaii. He is a masterful surfer able to hang with the best of them. His surfboard turns into a very sturdable (cross between sturdy and durable) magnetic fighting shield and his orange and black wetsuit is thermodynamic which allows him to melt or freeze anything that gets in his wave!

JAVA NAGELA - JN is not Kosher but he is Jewish-ish. He was lovingly adopted by the Nagela family. Earning both a DDS and JD from Columbia U (made his mother kvell.), he is skillful with his drill and his words. He cuts through any mishegas from any foe. His weapons of choice – Dreidel darts that become high powered sharp spinning missiles shot from his high-powered drill gun. There are no toys from this Goy!”

Real Name – Dr. J. David Nagela – 6’2” 
Hometown – Buffalo, New York 
This dentist is also a lawyer. He has a clinic where he offers both dental assistance and legal advice to senior citizens and low-income families. He loves IRON Chef and creates dishes twice a week using a single ingredient theme and a few other add-ons to feed the folks at the soup kitchen down the street from his clinic. A favorite ingredient around the soup kitchen is matzo meal. JN makes a mean matzo ball soup and matzo polenta. He’s looking for his soul mate. Can he find love among the CAFN8Rs? 
CHAI GUY is the youngest CAFN8R. He can serve up a cappuccino and biscotti faster than you can say Ru Paul. His secret weapon of choice is his power belt lined with explosive tea bags. Chai Guy is ready to tea bag his foes into submission at all times. 
His motto is “Don’t be shy…try ME!”

Real Name – J T Cray III – 5’8” 
Hometown – San Francisco, California 
J. T. is younger than the rest of the CAFN8Rs. His parents brought him to the U.S. from the Philippines when he was a child. He is a graphic design student and exceptional barista. JayCray is really into fashion, loves Hello Kitty and Ru Paul. When he starts to make his fabulous cappuccinos, he turns into Chai Guy. He is a fierce, superhero in training.

KAMA SUMATRA is a master at Bikram Yoga. She’s able to twist into any position needed to achieve Nirvana and fit into or under the tightest of spots when duty calls. She deals with the heat when the pressure is on, but she never lets them see her sweat. Her fellow CAFN8RS affectionately call her ‘Stretch.’”

Real Name – Serene Patel – 5’6” 
Hometown – Mumbai, India 
Serene owns a yoga studio where some of the heroes in real life take yoga classes. As a master at Bikram yoga, she is able to twist herself into any position needed to achieve nirvana and fit into the tightest of spots when duty calls. As a super hero, she can deal with the heat and when the pressure is on, she never lets them see her sweat. She can slip through the tiniest of cracks entering confidential places off limit to others. Here fellow CAFN8Rs affectionately call her ‘Stretch.’ 

OUI OUI can French press her foes in seconds and squeeze zi truth out of ‘zem. Don’t let zi feather duster fool you. When needed she can turn on zi heat and turn it into a flame thrower. Her heels turn into rockets zo fast zat she can orbit zi earth in zi time it takes to say “Cafe S’ill vous plait!

Real Name – GiGi Jaime’ – 5’8” 
Hometown – Paris, France 
GiGi is a college professor teaching both chemistry and physics – She is a bit OCD and always needs to make sure things are neat and clean. She has 15 patents, including the flame throwing feather duster and rocket powered heels she wears as Oui Oui . In her time away from the CAFN8Rs GiGi enjoys foreign films. Her favorite is “8 Women” starring Catherine Denueve. GiGi is not just a pretty face – she is pretty powerful!

DR. Zzz  is the chief nemesis of CAFN8RX. He is a certified maniacal, evil doctor, obsessed with himself, his fame and his ultimate quest to become the King of the universe!!! Zzz will stop at nothing to put people to sleep on the job or anywhere. Think Exxon Valdez, Wall Street, AIG, Enron, Washington D.C. Coincidence? We think not. He also has something that CAFN8RX must have!!

Real Name - Dr. Keechan Zink – 5’7” 
Hometown – Übel Ort, Germany 
Dr. Zink was born in Übel Ort (literal translation - EVIL PLACE)  Dr. Zink worked at the Sleep Slowly sleep apnea clinic in 1995. Because of his greed, he put a sleep powder formula into some of the patients apnea machines, causing them to be permanently asleep. One patient is an important link to CAFN8RX. Zink was banned from the AMA and fled to Europe where he became obsessed with baking croissants (usually dry) and plotting his plan to be king of the world…no universe!
BIG BANG, was an espresso machine that Bob Banger (Xpresso) made into a computerized robot to get stuff from the refrigerator, make coffee for him and pick up his dirty clothes. However, Big Bang became more than just a robot – he became the UBER-BRAINED “COFFEEBOT” (kind of a cross between R2D2 and the robot from Lost in Space with the attitude of ‘Hal’) When Big Bang gets frustrated or excited or senses danger his steamers go wild and he sounds the alarm “CAFN8 N DOMN8 – CAFN8 N DOMN8” He disperses the black, Super  Power Elixir to the CAFN8Rs. They drink...and BAM!!! They are off to Save the World One Bean, One leaf at a time!

In his spare time, Big Bang  loves to watch JEOPARDY and WHEEL OF FORTUNE. 

The Snoozies do not exist as a coffee or tea, because they would taste yucky. Dr. Zzz stumbled upon them (literally) at The Brazen Monkey a dark, smoke-filled Karaoke  lounge in the Piccadilly area of London. The Snoozies were lined up waiting to go on stage. Dr. Zzz had just been booed off the stage in the middle of his rendition of "TOP OF THE WORLD" by the Carpenters. He tripped on the stairs and knocked the Snoozies down. He noticed their odd shape and smell and thought they would make perfect henchmen. (He had been looking for some odd shaped, smelly blobs to do his dirty work. He bought them a drink and laced it with sleepy powder while they were singing "I WANT TO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS" by Foreigner. They passed out and he took them home.

Now, they are Dr. Zzz’s blobby, dumb henchmen. They will do anything he says, because he feeds them chocolate croissants (usually dry) laced with a little bit of sleepy powder. The Snoozies are dedicated (sort of) to his service because he lets them listen to John Tesh and Yanni and they can’t get a job anywhere else.

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