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A word or three from the Creator and Chief Caffeinating Officer of CAFN8RX – Melissa Greer

In 2001 I was sitting in the CISCO cafeteria with my friend Daniella. A tall woman, walked by in a business suit with a slit up the side of her skirt – she was carrying a TALL coffee cup (like the tallest from “Fourbucks”) – my friend said “She’s a dominatrix” and I replied “No…She’s a CAFN8RX”. We both laughed but that got the ideas flowing to create a super heroine who leads a team of CAFN8R super heroes to fight the evil Dr. Zzz and his Snoozies and save the world one bean – one leaf at a time! Their secret weapon was CAFFEINE. I wanted it to be fun, retro, edgy and make sure that the team was led by a STRONG woman, who cared about saving the world from injustice and evil – especially Dr. Zzz because he was always trying to put people to sleep, AND she had a secret personal vendetta against him (Have to read the comix to find out about that.)

I thought we could make it very retro like Bazooka Joe and bubblegum. I always bought the gum – not for its flavor, but for the COMIC and the fortune and the special offers. I wanted to make CAFN8RX into a company that made our CAFN8R coffees and teas the world’s first that came with comix. Each CAFN8R has their own blend of coffee or tea flavor. CAFN8RX has the “Power Elixir”, Xpresso’s Espresso, Java Diva’s Mocha Java, Chai Guy’s Chai Tea, Java Nagela’s Red Sea Blend, Kama Sumatra’s Taste Good In Any Position Sumatra Blend, Lava Joe’s Kona Blend, Oui Oui’s French Roast, and Dulce Narinja’s Dulce Orange Tea. Many more are in the works.

I wasn’t able to really work on the dream, because I was working full-time – It wasn’t until January 2013 that I was able to share the vision with my good friend Rich and he immediately said “You have to do it!” We worked to make it happen so that two months later we were able to present it at WONDERCON in Anaheim, BIGWOW ComicFest and FANIME in San Jose then we finally decided to take it to the "Big Show" - we ventured down to COMIC CON in San Diego. Everywhere we went, people have loved the concept and enjoyed the tastings of the "Power Elixir".  It is truly an amazing experience to be able to follow through with a vision and see it become a reality.

My deepest thanks to Rich Greenwood who helped to move things forward, help write the storyline with me, Roland Legarda who was instrumental in helping to lay the illustration foundation for some of the characters and contribute ideas for the story line. Leila Legarda for her initial planning ideas and support, Ana "Smitty" Smith for her keen artistic eye and advise and Alec Fritz whose illustrations brought the characters to life. We were able to create the first episode of THE ADVENTURES OF CAFN8RX, a full blown episodic mini comic book that will go out with every package of CAFN8RX coffee or tea.

I’m also grateful to Jill Portman, founder of Mighty Leaf Tea for allowing us to use the teas as part of our journey and ultimate thanks to our Super Roasters: Mike "The Magician" and sons Shaun the "FON Man" and "DJ Jammin' Mark". 

All are Super Heroes ready to save the world one bean – one leaf – one laugh at a time!

The slogan – “Saving the world one bean – one leaf – one laugh at a time!” is valid for the team of super heroes, but more importantly, CAFN8RX is a part of A Global Difference network where we  believe in making the world a better safer place in general. That’s why 15% of the net of any CAFN8RX product sold is given back to support causes locally, nationally and throughout the world. So we really are all about “SAVING THE WORLD” - Making a Difference for the greater good.

Along the way, we invite you to join our community of CAFN8Rs, Comix lovers and all round fun-loving folks. We’ll have cool contests, get you involved in the actual comic book episodes and stay tuned for the online radio show as we follow The Adventures of CAFN8RX. Together we will CAFN8 AND DOMN8 – And hope that you will Sip the beverage – Read the comix and have an Awesome life!

You WILL Drink and You WILL Like it!
You WILL drink and You WILL like it!
Java Diva
Lava Joe
Java Nagela
Chai Guy
Oui Oui
Dulce Narinja
Kma Sumatra
Dr. Zzz
The Snoozies
Big Bang
CAFN8RX - Power Elixir 
Xpresso Yo'Sef - Espresso
Java Diva - Mocha Java 
Kama Sumatra - Sumatra Blend
Lava Joe - Kona Blend
Java Nagela - Red Sea Blend
Oui Oui - French Roas

Chai Guy - Chai Tea
Dulce Narinja - Orange Dulce Tea




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